Friday, July 15, 2011

New Book Series Teaches Visual Literacy Through Historical Photographs

I have just reviewed one of the books in a new series entitled CAPTURED HISTORY. Each title in this series provides the background, history and context of a photograph that went on to have a place in American history.
Since visual literacy is part of many state's art standards, this series will certainly be a valuable resource in support of those standards, as well as the existing ELA standards for non-print texts.

The title I have just reviewed is: "Migrant Mother: How A Photograph Defined the Great Depression." The publisher is CompassPointBooks (a Capstone imprint) The series homepage is:

The other titles in this series are:

Birmingham 1963 How A Photograph Rallied Civil Rights Support
Man On The Moon How A Photograph Made Anything Possible
Raising the Flag: How A Photograph Gave A Nation Hope in Wartime

If I could author another book in this series it might be entitled:
The Oil Stained Pelican How A Photograph Raised Awareness of the Gulf Oil Spill.

Frank W. Baker

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