Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Teaching The Language of Film

The Holiday Movie Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine (November 18) contains several items that might be of value to film educators. An entire page is devoted to the costume designs for creating the character Lizabeth in "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo." In addition, this issue contains excerpts from several screenplays.

Recent issues of The Hollywood Reporter (October 14, November 11) may also be useful. Choosing the wardrobe for the main characters in "The Ides of March," is covered in a full page spread in the October issue
; while the make-up to transform Leonardo DiCaprio in "J Edgar" is featured in the November issue. The makeup is also a feature in the November 11th issue of Entertainment Weekly. A sidebar references other films (Citizen Kane; Back To The Future; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) in which the main characters age.

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