Thursday, March 8, 2012

Saying Yes to Digital Media in Preschool and Kindergarten

HuffPost Reports: The NAEYC, the largest trade organization for early educators in the country, has just released a statement in conjunction with the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children's Media about technology and young children (up through age 8). Though the groups discourage "passive screen technology" usage -- like TV and DVDs -- with children under two, they don't suggest a ban on screens for preschoolers or kindergartners as some child-advocacy groups have suggested. Nor do they say teachers should avoid using technology with young kids. Instead, the groups puts the onus on teachers to make smart decisions and use technology appropriately. (Dr. Faith Rogow adds: "What Guernsey's article doesn't say is that this is really a hallmark for media literacy education. Media literacy specialists were consulted as the policy was being developed and much of our input was integrated into the final statement. As a result, this is a clear call for media literacy education in early childhood settings and early elementary classrooms.")

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