Sunday, November 10, 2013

Media Breaker: Online Video Editor Teachs Fair Use/Ethics Around Remixing Copyright Media

Encouraging students to celebrate and use the rich portals of the ever-growing Creative Commons movement to find copyright-friendly media is an instructional no-brainer.
Teaching students how and when to flex their fair use muscles–how to decide when their use of copyrighted media is truly transformative–is a greater challenge.  But it is a challenge we must address to build media literacy and to ensure students are able to ethically and critically able to participate in media conversations as citizens.
Launched last week, Media Breaker, is a free, online video editor, designed to help students learn to ethically and creatively remix copyrighted media while they learn about and apply fair use guidelines.  The project is supported by the Knight Prototype Fund and developed in partnership with Pace University’s Seidenberg Creative Labs.  Details in this SLJ blog.

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