Sunday, January 5, 2014

Film Canon Project Website Launched

If you share our belief that film should be viewed, critically examined and discussed by learners in our classrooms as an integrated part of the curriculum we encourage you to join the Film Canon Project.
In our chapter, Developing a Film Study Curriculum and Canon, in the newly released book, Mastering Media Literacy, published by Solution-Tree (2014), we make the case for thoughtful and rigorous cinema curriculum coupled with the cultivation of a canon.   To neglect what is arguably one of the most influential forms of media as a formidable part of teaching and learning is to lurch backwards in time.
We encourage you to review the posted titles for consideration by your faculty and students and then  create your own canon.  Please submit additional titles.  The films on the list  are derived from compilations from multiple sources,  recommendations from professionals in the industry, and educators in the field.  The list will continue to expand.  The goal is to provide an active focused resource.
We invite you to submit film titles to the project that you believe will benefit students and teachers in their classrooms. Consider those films that are engaging and meaningful and can be integrated into the curriculum.

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