Monday, November 17, 2014

Bring History, Journalism and the First Amendment to Life

The Newseum in Washington, D.C., now offers a Digital Classroom with high-quality, standards-based, document-driven instruction. Focused on historical inquirymedia literacycritical thinkingdocument analysis and civic engagement, Newseum Education’s Digital Classroom features a wide variety of engaging interactive content for middle school through college teaching and learning. A library of 12 captioned and beautifully produced video lessons, complete with viewing guidesessential questions and lesson plans, focus on critical media literacy issues such as Bias, Getting It Right (accuracy in media), What’s Newsand SourcesHistorical video lessons cover such topics as The Berlin Wall and the PressThe Press and the Civil Rights MovementWatergate and 45 Words (the First Amendment). Currently, three comprehensive modules aggregate a wealth of resources and activities. The latest addition, Women, Their Rights and Nothing Less, investigates the suffragists’ pioneering use of the free press and the other First Amendment freedoms. Students explore more than 250 primary sources in three interactives. Using aninteractive timeline and the map of persuasive materials, they see how and why movement participants dared to challenge the status quo. Then they discover their legacy in contemporary civil rights issues and build their own case for change today. A library of primary sources connects to each of the modules: 150 documents on Women’s RightsBlood and Ink: 30 Historic Front Pages from the Civil War andEmancipation Proclamation Front Pages. Documents may be downloaded freely as full-sized PDFs to facilitate examination by students. Activities connect to a variety of standards documents in language arts and social studies from middle school through high school.

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