Saturday, April 4, 2009

An Essay on The Necessity of Media/News Literacy

From The Huffington Post: "We call our children digital natives. But a digital generation is made, not born. Certainly middle-class teens are "tech-savvy." But opening up the cell phone or the MP3 player or game controller is only like opening up a door to a larger world. Children must learn not just how to surf, link, load and click, but how to ask, judge and think to understand our world. In world of infinite information, there's a difference between being tech savvy and life savvy? Why is one piece accurate and another one wrong? Why is this news and that advertising? Why is this fair and that unfair? How does context change a story's truthfulness? Why show that photo and not this one? Those are not tech questions. Those are life questions. That's why we believe that students today -- not just students, actually, but everyone -- need to become news literate."

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