Thursday, March 17, 2011

Newseum Unveils News Literacy Online Website

The following was announced Thursday March 17 at the Center for News Literacy Conference:

The Newseum (Washington DC) has just announced a new online site for teachers.
The Digital Classroom utilizes 12 of the most popular videos (and accompanying resources) from the museum..The videos and resources are designed to bring news literacy, journalism and history to students.
The URL is
You will be directed to register where you will be sent a password and a Survey Monkey evaluation. The 12 videos cover the following topics:
the First Amendment, the fall of the Berlin Wall, Bias, Edward R Murrow, Getting It Right, The Digital Revolution, News Apps, The Press and Civil Rights, Running Toward Danger, Sources, Watergate, What's News

Resources include: introductions, essential questions, links NCTE standards, links to web sources, and an extensive viewing guide.

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