Saturday, March 12, 2011

Online Media Literacy Professional Development Opportunities

Media and Technology Literacies: From Standards to Practice
This online workshop focuses on the construction of standards-based curriculum and supporting uses of technology to achieve educational goals. Participants operationally define the standards and definitions of media literacy and technology literacy from a national (USA) perspective. Participants align and integrate educational standards/goals and media and technology literacies according to the National Educational Technology Standards (ISTE) and relevant state and local standards.
Summer Session (Online) runs May 16-June 3, 2011. [fee structure]

Media Literacy Through Social Networking
This workshop provides a framework for practicing media literacy education online through the uses of social networking tools to acquire digital literacy skills and understanding of media literacy principles. Includes a tour of a social network as an online classroom where participants acquire these digital literacy skills and enact the core principles of media literacy. Participants will create their own online community and customize their media literacy efforts according to their own education, community, or professional context. Summer Session (Online) runs August 8-26, 2011. [fee structure]

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