Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What does Web 2.0 Have To Do With Gaza?

Exerpt from blogpost: You email me a Daily Show clip or Sky News video footage from Gaza, and I email it to my friends and family, post it to my Facebook profile, comment on it in my Twitter "micro-blog," "dig it" through my Digg account, add it to my Youtube favorites, and share it on my Facebook fundraising Cause whose charitable beneficiary is the UPA. Each step multiplies the consumption of that initial media item by untold exponents, and I did it in less than a minute. This is the phenomenon of social media.How many times have you had that conversation with your parents about how journalism has gone to hell, replaced by the chaos of blogs and social networking sites? If you nodded along respectfully, thinking that something was wrong, then you were right.What we're seeing with this era is the triumph of journalism. It used to be that the story began and ended with a piece in the New York Times. Today news is valued as much by the action it inspires as the thought it provokes.Welcome to the echo chamber that is Web 2.0-conomics.

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