Friday, July 15, 2011

New Book Series Teaches Visual Literacy Through Historical Photographs

I have just reviewed one of the books in a new series entitled CAPTURED HISTORY. Each title in this series provides the background, history and context of a photograph that went on to have a place in American history.
Since visual literacy is part of many state's art standards, this series will certainly be a valuable resource in support of those standards, as well as the existing ELA standards for non-print texts.

The title I have just reviewed is: "Migrant Mother: How A Photograph Defined the Great Depression." The publisher is CompassPointBooks (a Capstone imprint) The series homepage is:

The other titles in this series are:

Birmingham 1963 How A Photograph Rallied Civil Rights Support
Man On The Moon How A Photograph Made Anything Possible
Raising the Flag: How A Photograph Gave A Nation Hope in Wartime

If I could author another book in this series it might be entitled:
The Oil Stained Pelican How A Photograph Raised Awareness of the Gulf Oil Spill.

Frank W. Baker

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Media Literacy in Nieman Reports

A TV news story about Powerful Voices for Kids provided a potent lesson for the 9- to 11-year-olds enrolled in the media literacy program. They wondered: Why was the phrase “flash mobs” repeated so often? And why did the reporter give the wrong location? In the current issue of Nieman Reports, NCTE Media & Digital Literacies Collaborative member Renee Hobbs writes about Powerful Voices for Kids and suggests dos and don’ts for teaching children to be savvy media consumers.
Find this and related stories in this issue:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Arab Images on Film (TCMs July Series)

On Tuesday and Thursday nights starting at 8pm ET in July, Turner Classic Movies host Bob Osborne and Dr. Jack Shaheen (an authority on images of Arabs and Muslims in American pop culture) talk about that night's slate of movies. Here Shaheen talks about stereotypes. Each night (listed below) will also focus on a different topic. The TCM series homepage lists the films and includes other background.

July 5 Early Images
July 7 Arabs as Villans
July 12 Epics
July 14 Arabs as A Subject of Ridicule
July 19 Arab Maidens
July 21 Arabs as Sheiks
July 26 Even Handed Potrayals
July 28 Images from Outside Hollywood