Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Call for Papers/Proposals: Media Literacy Research Symposium

Call for Papers/Proposals:   Media Literacy Research Symposium
March 21, 2014                  8:00AM-6:00PM
Dolan Business School, Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut
Submit your proposal today!
Media Literacy Research:
We are a growing field with a need for developing and increasing the research within it.   With this conference, we hope shorten the present gap by filling it with works from current scholars, new researchers, graduate students, educators and others who have a vested interest in opening this field and moving it forward from all over the world.  
Here are the anticipated strands of focus:
Strand 1: Media Literacy: Past, Present, and Future
Papers in this strand will explore the growth of media literacy through a historical lens, looking at the past to understand the foundations of the field, and what they mean for the future.
Strand 2: Digital Media and Learning 
Papers in this strand will explore perspectives on how learning is evolving in technological contexts, and what tools and platforms are facilitating this change.
Strand 3: Global Perspectives
Papers in this strand will explore the role of media literacy as it has developed in international scope and focus in recent decades. Facilitated largely by new digital technologies and social platforms, how students learn about the role of media in their daily lives must necessarily include global perspectives.
Strand 4: Education: Training, Policy, and Digital Citizenship
Papers in this strand will explore how media literacy can be a voice in policy discussions on municipal and national levels. Creating media literacy policy has become an important aspect of the growth of learning in developing curriculums nationally and internationally. Along with policy has been the increase discussion on digital citizenship, Internet safety, cyberbullying and cybersecurity, as they have become increasingly important topics both in and out of schools.
Strand 5: Public Spaces & Civic Activism
Papers in this strand will explore the opportunities that media literacy provides for lifelong education and vibrant spaces for the public to engage with media in informal learning environments, including but not limited to Libraries, museums, parks, and community centers. Whether its healthy lifestyles, political voice, or more production skills, these are all in the context of helping enable stronger, more critical and analytical voices. Thus, this calls for media literacy explorations that involve the notion of the active citizen as their outcome.
Who Should Submit:
Scholars, Researchers, and Educators at all stages of their careers are welcome to submit!! 

Accepting the Following Formats: Sessions, Panels, Round Tables, Posters

Send Submissions to:  medialiteracy1@gmail.com  (indicate the strand and the format).

Key Dates:

Call for papers opens:                       November 15, 2013- January 2,  2014
Notification of acceptance:                January  15, 2014

Conference Registration Details to Follow Soon!
For More Information Contact: Belinha De Abreu, bdeabreu@fairfield.edu  203-315-6830  or  Paul Mihailidis,  pmihailidis@gmail.com
Publishing: All papers will be considered for future publication. Details presented at conference

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Media Breaker: Online Video Editor Teachs Fair Use/Ethics Around Remixing Copyright Media

Encouraging students to celebrate and use the rich portals of the ever-growing Creative Commons movement to find copyright-friendly media is an instructional no-brainer.
Teaching students how and when to flex their fair use muscles–how to decide when their use of copyrighted media is truly transformative–is a greater challenge.  But it is a challenge we must address to build media literacy and to ensure students are able to ethically and critically able to participate in media conversations as citizens.
Launched last week, Media Breaker, is a free, online video editor, designed to help students learn to ethically and creatively remix copyrighted media while they learn about and apply fair use guidelines.  The project is supported by the Knight Prototype Fund and developed in partnership with Pace University’s Seidenberg Creative Labs.  Details in this SLJ blog.

Monday, November 4, 2013

New Classroom Media Literacy Resources Launched

MediaSmarts, Canada's centre for digital and media literacy, recognized the start of Canada's 8th annual Media Literacy Week with the release of a series of new resources and activities for parents, teachers, children and youth.