Thursday, May 29, 2014

2014 NCTE Media Literacy Awards (Call for Submissions)

The ninth annual NCTE Media Literacy Award will be presented at the NCTE Annual Convention. Previous award winners are profiled at the following site:
Deadline for submitting the application for the 2014 award is June 30, 2014. The award winner will be notified by the end of August and will receive a plaque along with a cash award of $2,000.
A resolution passed by the members at the 2003 San Francisco Convention on Composing with Non-Print Media, made the creation of this award especially timely.  The resolution recommended the encouragement of preservice, inservice, and staff development programs that focus on new literacies, multi-media composition and a broadened concept of literacy.  The award showcases NCTE members who have developed innovative approaches for integrating media analysis and composition into their instruction.
Applying for the Award
The Media Literacy Award will be presented to an individual, team, or department that has implemented and refined exemplary media literacy practices in their school environment.  The Award Selection Process will be based on a portfolio review by a selection committee.

Further details are posted here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

eBook: Reading The Movies

For those who teach film, this revision of the classic "Reading The Movies" by William Costanzo is now out as an e-book.  "The 2014 Kindle edition is intended for teachers and general readers who want a richer experience of great films. In Part I, Costanzo offers insights into the art of adaptation, the languages of film, and cinema technology as well as concise surveys of film history and theory. In Part II, he focuses on twelve extraordinary movies and how to get the most from them. Reading the Movies is an indispensable guide for watching movies in the 21st century."